5 great ways to use solar energy in your home

Each day, news channels and social media present new and exciting inventions. Therefore, it’s no secret technology in almost all areas of life moves at a fast paste. New possibilities through innovative technologies make our lives easier, and more comfortable.

solar energy

Solar energy provides great options you can use in your home

The sun’s power is for sure a technology keeping everyone excited as its development improves many industries. It’s also a great way to save money on household bills requiring electricity! If you’re all about saving money, and want to also utilize environmentally friendly energy options, the sun is your friend!

Solar Radiation

One of the most practical ways of providing clean, renewable and free energy: solar energy. A bonus? It doesn’t harm our planet. When looking at the sun’s power for the home, you’ll find many helpful systems. All can save on monthly electricity bills. Not only does this type of energy help with financial struggles, but also creates a positive mindset towards other eco-friendly solutions. Some systems come in the form of big solar panel installations, however, others are unique gadgets.

Sun Powered Roof Systems

Do you want your home to take full advantage of the sun’s power? The answer: installing the solar panels. A solar paneled roof absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it into power for your home.

Solar roofs come in the form of panels, as well as shingles. Both of these PVs (photovoltaics) systems convert sunlight to energy using solar cells. It becomes the primary power source for the home.

Panels Powered by Sun Rays

What are panels powered by the sun’s rays? They’re panels with integrated solar cells installed on an existing roof. A connecting system connects the generated power to the home. How many panels a home needs depends on how much energy you want sunlight to power. If you move to another house, it’s possible to remove the solar panels from the rooftop. If you don’t wish to purchase solar panels, lease them!

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles, on the other hand, are roof shingles with integrated solar cells. The roof itself generates electricity for your home. These shingles may cover just a section of the roof, or they can cover the whole roof. They look better than panels, because they blend in with the existing roof.

Thanks to frequent research, solar roof technologies are advancing further. The better the research, means the price of solar roofs lowers. Unfortunately, certain obstacles translates solar roofs aren’t as efficient as manufacturers would like them to be, but this is slowly changing.

One of the latest solar technologies under development: invisible cells. Future houses and buildings will have solar cells implemented on roofs, or on windows, making them unnoticeable. No more eye sores!

Solar Sharing

If investing in a solar roof is out of your budget, there is another way to benefit from solar power on a significant scale. Solar sharing is an excellent way to join hands with your community where everyone can benefit from solar energy.  Solar sharing is an option where a group of people comes together to share the construction cost of a solar power plant.

The power plant can be medium or large. It produces energy, which is then sold. The proceeds from the energy sale redistribute within the group of investors. Financing in this manner is seen as an advance guard for the solar power industry. Solar sharing systems can cover the domestic electricity cost and even generate additional earnings for the ordinary citizen.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, there are many ways to implement solar energy in your home. Some may provide you with enough power to last for the next six months, while others are just sufficient to keep your phone charger working. Even if you start small, it’s more than enough to ignite an interest in solar. It feels good knowing the energy your using is free, as well as environmentally friendly.

As focused solar companies are climbing towards the top, the consumer benefits from more exciting inventions. After all, how beautiful knowing solar power may become the primary energy source around the world.

About the Writer: Mattea Jacobs is a freelance writer who writes about both interior and exterior home design, as well as environmentally-friendly ways to improve homes. A green activist mother of two beautiful sons.

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